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Mini Spy Hidden Camera Portable Small HD Nanny Cam 1080P HD & Motion Detection &Night Vision Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera for Car, Drone, Office, Camaras para Casas

Product Features:

    How to use?Use on daytime(simply 2 steps):Step 1: Press power button for 3 seconds until you see the led light is blueStep 2: Short press power button again, led light will be flash first and then will be off, that means it is recording now.To pause recording, short press…
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Product Description

How to use?
Use on daytime(simply 2 steps):
Step 1: Press power button for 3 seconds until you see the led light is blue
Step 2: Short press power button again, led light will be flash first and then will be off, that means it is recording now.
To pause recording, short press the power button, Led light will be on in blue color, when led light is blue that always means that the camera is in standby mode.
To turn it off, long press the power button until led light is off.

Use on nighttime(3 steps):
Step 1: same as aboveStep 2: Long press power button for 5 seconds until you see red light flash three times and it will turn to blue light again(if you didnt see red light flashing, just try one more time)Step 3: short press the power button, blue light will be flashing and then blue light will be off, that means camera is working on night vision mode.To work the best on night vision mode, a little light is needed(not fully dark)
Higher resolution video:
So the default resolution is 780P, we have M button, you can switch to higher resolution 1080 by using this button.You simply push M button after step 1 until both blue and red light are on, then follow above step 2 and 3 to work either day or night time.
Take photo:
Step 1 same as aboveStep 2:press M button, led light will be in redStep 3:short press power button to take pic.
Package included
1 xMini Camera
1 x USB / TV Out 2-in-1 Cable
1 x Bracket
1 x Clip
1 x 16GB Micro card
1 x Card Reader
1 x User Manual

1. The spy camera may release heat when in use. this is normal phenomenon.

Product Features

  • [The Size of a Penny]Super mini hidden video recorder,it has only one coin size. So it is the world’s smallest camera.This small size camera can be discreetly placed anywhere, making it ideal for use as a home or office dv recorder camera, as well as a housekeeper/nanny cam.
  • [Easy to Use]Install a (max) 32GB micro SD card (not included) in the hidden mini spy camera .You can put the mini camera in the corner of home, office, warehouse, store, backyard, garden, even in your pocket.
  • [Motion Detection & Recording] Supporting 1080P and 720P formats, this camera can intelligently detect movement and will then start recording. It also includes a 360-degree rotating support that allows the camera to circularly record videos.
  • [Night Vision Technology] The spy camera can capture high-definition images at night. The hidden camera uses 6 infrared LED lights, and no infrared visible red light in night vision. When the camera is working, we can’t see the light. This spy camera supports 1080P and 720P formats and can be used while charging. It intelligently detects movement for immediate recording.
  • [Note] This product requires a memory card to be purchased by yourself. Memory card supports up to 32G. If you don’t understand, please feel free to contact customer service. We provide timely response to questions within 24 hours.
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